Kyoei Konnyaku Inc.

We are a one of the oldest and leading Konnyaku manufacturer in Japan.
Established over 120 years ago.

There is fortunately blessed of a four seasons that rich climate made marine and mountain happiness and made Japanese unique food life and traditional food.
Konnyaku is the that one. It is flavor food of that nature and skill are splendid to become one body.
Konnyaku is a non calorie diet food . Konnyaku is healthy beauty food, if being skillful harvest it for a daily meal.
The over 90 % of an ingredient of Konnyaku is water. Water is necessary for it to be good for a good Konnyaku.
We make Konnyaku of employing delicious underground water of Rokko mountain range including natural mineral.


We make it with a unique method of manufacture. We make Konnyaku with that a peace of mind can do a unique method of manufacture sanitarily.


We established a development of our unique production line in order to plan improvement of maintenance and productivity of a good quality. We make a sure Konnyaku, by a labor saving, actualization of robotization.
We use a computer system, for making better food for a customer. Then, I do appropriate information management and purchase, management business. Again, I challenge an also new field with a flexible management attitude. An inter-net also is the one.


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