What's Glucomannan?

Glucomannan,the Ideal Food Fiber with a Wide Range of Uses

Glucomannan is high in fiber, essential for cleaning the digestive system. Glucomannan is taken from the Konnyaku root and is from the same family as the yam, which is 100 percent natural dietary fiber without calories. Since lack of fiber is a major cause for the high incidence of growing gastrointestinal disorders, it is a valuable herb.
It helps reduce cholesterol, helps maintain regularity and promotes bowel health. It helps to normalize blood sugar, to relieve stress on the pancreas and to discourage blood sugar abnormalities, such as hypoglycemia.
Glucomannan absorbs toxic substances produced during digestion and elimination. It binds toxic material and eliminates them before they can be absorbed into the blood stream.
Glucomannan acts as a prevention of chronic disease and a weight control agent. As a diet aid, it expands to about 50 times its original volume when used with a large glass of water.

Atheroslerosis Hemorrhoids
Constipation High blood pressure
Diabetes Hypoglycemia
Digestive problems Obesity
Diverticular disease Pancreas (reduce stress)


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