The Variety of Konnyaku

Ito Konnyaku

Thread-shaped Konnyaku. White ones are called SIRATAKI.
Black colored ones are specially made for SUKIYAKI.


Ita Konnyaku

It is the high-class Konnyaku made from carefully selected crude potato.

Most popular type of Konnyaku. You can use it in various ways of cooking.


Sashimi Konnyaku

This is the konnyaku of the raw fish style. We eat in the same way as the raw fish.


Cooked Konnyaku
Let's do the easy diet with easy cooking !!


Dessert Konnyaku
Jelly made from fiber of Konnyaku. One of the most healthy sweets in Japan.


We are making a lot of other products such as " Sashimi Konnyaku(like a sliced raw fish) " "Fine noodles Konnyaku ".

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